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Now when Black Friday or, rather said, Black Weekend’s magic is over, we all deserve to know a few facts that, chances are, you have never even heard about this insane ‘shopping holiday’ that first took over all the North America and then many other countries around the world.

Are you ready? Here we go:

Pajamas are the best seller item during Black Friday!

Despite the fact that many people believe that electronic devices are the best sellers during the Black Friday magic, they really are not. Instead, believe it or not, the best seller item during Black Friday are the pajamas!

Black Friday sales are no longer only a North American thing.

Yes, it is true that Black Friday’s tradition began back in 1952 in the United States and it has been regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season the United States and this non-official holiday has been ‘celebrated’ every year on the day after Thanksgiving’s day. However, although Thanksgiving’s day is still mainly celebrated only in the United States, Black Friday is no longer only a North American thing. In recent years, many countries from all around the world started having Black Friday sales as well.

Black Friday is more popular than Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris, 2017; Photo by: The Destinationship ©

Yup! You read it very well! Black Friday attracts more shoppers than all the Disneyland parks around the world attract visitors every year on that day.

Black Friday could be more dangerous than shark attacks.

Unfortunately, some shoppers take Black Friday way too serious so accidents and violence during Black Friday are quite often. And that’s a fact that perhaps we all know. Nevertheless, what you may not know is that more people are reported to die during Black Friday than from shark attacks. In fact, violence during Black Friday is actually the reason why it was called BLACK Friday at the first place.

Some products are manufactured specifically for Black Friday!

Buying products on Black Friday may guarantee you cheaper prices, but not necessarily the same quality of the product as usual. Some products are manufactured specifically for Black Friday so you shouldn’t be surprised if they are missing some of their features or their quality is poorer than usual.

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