Italy being a historical place with amazing architecture and awe-inspiring landscapes, is a go-to option for most tourists around the globe. In other words, everyone loves Italy!

However, one thing which no one wishes to get into is the daunting task of making a packing list. This is because while making the Italy packing list, you have to keep in mind the fashion, culture, climate, and various other things.

Moreover, while packing, there are many things which most people think are not essential to pack and then they regret it. To be honest, it is a daunting task, but you don’t have to worry about it as we got you covered.

We have made an ultimate Italy packing list and have added some tips that we believe you will find useful when packing for Italy. In this guide, we will tell you about the essential things you need to pack, what type of clothes you might need based on the weather, and finally, we will highlight those things which you should not pack.

So without further ado, let’s get started! 

Packing list essentials for a trip to Italy

packing for italy

There are various important and essential things which you should never forget to pack no matter what. So the first thing we will discuss in our Italy packing list is the top essential things which you need to pack.

Therefore, the following is the list of essential items you need to add to your packing list, especially when traveling to Italy. 

  • Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will keep your things organized and you can easily pack your items without them being mixed up. If you are considering buying high-quality and low price packing cubes, click here.

  • Passport

This is pretty obvious. Without a passport, you won’t be able to enter Italy and anywhere in the world. 

  • Visa

Only applicable if you do not belong to countries that are a part of the Schengen Visa Zone. 

  • Travel insurance

This will be really helpful if any unfortunate event occurs and any cost related to that.

  • Travel Adapter

You should pack a universal travel adapter because it is possible that sockets used in Italy may be different from those used in your country. To buy a decent travel adapter, click here.

  • Camera

Your trip to Italy would be useless without a camera. Come on! You need a camera to capture the beautiful moments spent in one of the most amazing countries.

  • Important accessories

Don’t forget about your accessories! Trust me, they can make a huge difference during your trip. For example, a trimmer, umbrella, sunglasses, etc. Make sure to think well about which accessories you might need and pack those, but remember to not exaggerate. Remember, not to make your luggage overweight. 

What to pack if you are a man

packing for italy list for men

If you are a man, your Italy packing list probably would be slightly different from those of women. In this section, we will assist you in choosing the most suitable clothes you should pack.

Moreover, we will suggest to you those clothes which won’t make you stand out among the crowd as it will be a good thing if you look a bit similar to the locals. Following is the list of clothes you need to pack: 

  • Upper Body

If you don’t already have one, consider buying a stylish oxford shirt. Make sure it is not too tight and too loose.

You can use those formally as well. If you want to wear something that like a jacket, a blazer is the right choice as most of the men in Italy wear a blazer. Moreover, if you want to wear something casual, you can consider buying cotton t-shirts like these.

  • Lower Body

To wear on the lower body, you should consider buying those pants which are an inch higher than the shoes as this is the most common style in Italy for men. You can pack jeans, pants, and trousers as well.

In addition to this, if you are willing to pack jeans, you should go for dark-colored ones instead of light ones – in case you would like to be stylish. 

  • Shoes

You should pack 3 different types of shoes. For formal use, you should consider packing loafers, for day-to-day use, you can pack your favorite pair of sneakers.

And when you are in your hotel room, for that purpose you can pack simple but good-quality slippers which you can find here.

What to pack if you are a woman

solo female traveler in Rome
Kristina in Rome, © The Destinationship

Italy is all about beauty. Thus, when walking on the streets of Italy, you should look as stylish as possible. Here we will suggest you the best and most suitable clothes for you, which will make you look like an Italian woman and not like a tourist. Let’s get started!

  • Upper Body

Make sure to pack some comfortable shirts and maybe a navy blue blaze as that is super popular in Italy. If you don’t have one, a light jacket would also do the trick.

You should also pack both types of tops, short and long sleeves. Moreover, a nice dress shirt would be a good option to pack as well.

  • Lower Body

Fancy skirts, dresses, and jeans are always a great option. However, make sure to also bring something more comfortable such as sport trousers and, of course, pajamas. 

  • Shoes

As discussed in the above section, you should pack at least 3 types of shoes when traveling to Italy. For formal use, you can consider buying ballet flats as they will make you look gorgeous when you go out for dinner. Have a look at this one here.

For day-to-day use, open sandals would be a better option as they will make it easy for you to walk on the cobbled streets of Italy. You can go for sneakers as well. In addition to this, you should also pack comfortable slippers.

What to Pack For a Trip in Italy Based on Weather Seasons

When making an Italy packing list, you should always keep in mind the current weather condition and season. If you won’t consider seasons while packing, you will make a blunder. But don’t worry, we have sorted out things for you!


rome in winter

For the chilly season, you should consider packing a good warm jacket or a winter coat as it gets very cold, especially in Northern Italy. Moreover, remember to pack gloves, a scarf and a hat such as a beanie. Don’t forget to bring warm boots with you! 


Summer in Italy

It is quite hot in the summers especially in Southern Italy and therefore you should pack something like loose shirts, a sun hat, sunscreen (important), shorts, and a swimsuit as it is the perfect season to be chilling on the beach or on a swimming pool. For hot seasons, sandals and slippers are the go-to options regarding footwear. 


spring in firence

This season is indeed the most popular one among the tourists. Italy looks beautiful in this season and it is also neither too warm nor too hot. However, you can experience rain and for that, you should pack an umbrella, rain boots, and a rain jacket.


fall in rome

In Italy, the weather is slightly colder than in summer, especially during the nights.  For that, you should pack light jackets, gloves as well and a hat. You should also consider packing scarves. 

What Not To Pack When Going to Italy

packing books

In our Italy packing list, we discussed everything which you must pack, but in this section, we are going to discuss those few things which will be better to leave at home. So here is what you shouldn’t pack:

  • Extra clothes

It is useless to pack a lot of clothes as no one wears different clothes every single day. For example, two pairs of jeans are enough. Moreover, extra clothes will increase the weight of your suitcase and then it will be difficult to carry.

  • Expensive items

Accessories which make you look good are important to pack, but taking expensive items (such as jewelry) is a bit risky.

  • Shoes that are of no use

High heels and uncomfortable shoes are just a waste of space in your suitcase, especially in a country like Italy, where you can not wear high heels in religious sites and uncomfortable shoes will make your life hard on cobbled streets. 

  • Few other things

Things tourists wear such as Hawaiian shirts and round hats look kind of cringy. You should blend with the other people living in Italy.

Moreover, avoid bringing hairdryers, as most of the time they are available in hotel rooms.

In addition to this, heavy books which you would obviously not read while your stay in Italy, should definitely be avoided while packing. Instead of that, you should download e-books and read them on Kindle or Xiaomi E-Book Pro that you can find here.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our ultimate and comprehensive Italy packing list will prove to be beneficial for you and now it will be easy for you to do the packing. Remember to go through the list again and try to create your own packing list considering that every person is different and has different needs. Have a good day and buon viaggio!

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