Panorama of Barcelona

Barcelona Packing List: The Guide You Need

Many people overlook one of the most essential things that could either make or break their trips – packing. Think about how would you...
facts about Afytos, visit Afytos, explore Afytos

Why I Fell In Love With Afytos At First Sight

Chalkidiki is a peninsula which is considered to be one of the major tourist attractions in Northern Greece. It is known for its numerous...

Quotes About Paris That You Would Love To Know

If there’s a place on Earth that is an absolute most popular destination in the entire world then, there’s no doubt, it is Paris....

Is Prague Really Worth The Crowds?

There is no place on Earth that I wouldn’t like to visit, however, I have to admit that Prague has never been on the...

Here Is Why Notre Dame Is The Soul Of France

This week the entire world witnessed one of the biggest tragedies that a country could ever face – the loss of cultural heritage,...

Facts About Greece That Not Even Locals Know

Greece, without a doubt, is one of the world’s most popular destinations. It is one of the key factors of the American dream as every American dream of visiting this country one day and ‘a must visit’ for every European.


carbonara pasta

Learn how to prepare pasta carbonara like a real Italiano

Wanna go to Italy and finally taste those delicious Italian dishes that the entire world is crazy about?! Here is a better, or rather said, cheaper idea- let’s bring Italy into your kitchen by learning how to prepare pasta...

How to prepare New York Style Pizza like a real New Yorker

There are many types of pizza and New York style pizza is between the most popular of them. Unfortunately, unlike Italian pizza which could be found anywhere anytime, New York-style pizza could be found only in New York. And since...

How to Prepare Original Dutch Waffle – Stroopwafel

First made in the city of Gouda (the Netherlands) in the late 18th century, Stroopwafel is the most popular cookie in the Netherlands. It is often served as a breakfast snack with a hot drink – fun fact: usually,...


Your Perfect Destination According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you don’t want your next trip to be a total failure, the best thing you can do is to plan it according to...

Top 10 Killing Travel Apps You Should Download Right Now

There аre lots of trаvel аpps and yet the best аre the ones thаt do their job completely for free! So here you have...

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Places In Skopje You Could Visit With No Money In The Pockets

The capital of Macedonia, Skopje is widely known around the world for being the birthplace of Mother Therese of Calcutta. However, this city which...

Craft Beer In Skopje And Where To Find It

There is one rule when visiting a foreign country: you should always try as many of their traditional specialties as possible. And while many...