French cuisine is known to be one of the most extravagant cuisines in the world. It’s all about mixing the right ingredients in a very sophisticated way creating a harmonious dish with the flavors of France.
And that’s why visiting France without tasting those flavors would be the definition of insanity, something that should simply not happen in millions of years. Especially when it comes to these 3 French dishes that you should taste at all costs:

Galettes Bretonnes

Galtetes Bretonnes is one of the typical French dishes which could be found everywhere in France. It is one of those dishes which are very simple, yet very delicious. Crepe prepared with buckwheat flour and fillings like cheese, ham or eggs – Galettes Bretonnes are like the French type of pancakes. The best Galettes Bretonnes are known to be in the Tour Montparnasse neighborhood in our beloved Paris.

Cuisses de Grenouilles 

There are a lot of controversies when it comes to this dish especially between the skeptical tourists who are not really willing to get out of their comfort zone and just for once in life get a bite of frogs’ legs. Yes, Cuisses de Grenouilles is the French term for the popular Frogs’ legs that many people don’t even want to hear about. Yet in reality, these frogs’ legs which are usually breaded or fried with a bit of onion, are very tasty and soft. Just give it a shot!

Coq au vin

Coq au vin is a classic French dish which is the symbol of the traditional French cuisine. Chicken slowly braised in red wine with a combination of mushrooms, lardons, and garlic, Coq au vin is a perfect match with a glass of fine red burgundy wine and the sounds of Edith Piaf. Now that’s a definition of perfection!