The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is often referred to with many different names. And while for some it is “the city of sin” and for others, it is “the city of freedom”, it doesn’t change the fact that there are things that you can only experience nowhere else in the world, but in Amsterdam.

Wondering which are those? Keep reading!

1.    Receive a bike ticket

Amsterdam 2017 by The Destinationship ©

Another term Amsterdam is often referred to as is “the city of bikes” and that is because there are over 881,000 bikes cycling around the city. Just imagine what kind of chaos it would be if it’s not regulated by the law. Therefore, if you do not follow their strict rules for riding a bike in Amsterdam, you shouldn’t be surprised if you receive a bike ticket just like you would receive for any motor vehicle! Also, be careful to not get into a bike accident or bump into a pedestrian as tourists are not really careful with bike trails.

2.    Swim in the canals

Have you ever thought about swimming in a city canal? No? Well, in Amsterdam you can certainly do that! Of course, if you do not mind the bad smell of the water.

3.    Eat cannabis cookies

Smoking cannabis on the street is definitely not something illegal or weird in Amsterdam. In fact, Amsterdam has fully embraced that freedom and now there are over 200 coffee shops where you can safely buy cannabis or marijuana. There are even cannabis cookies that you can buy and eat!

4.    Reveal the Red Light Secrets

Yes, we all know that one of Amsterdam’s major attraction is the controversial Red Light District. But what you probably didn’t know is that you can actually reveal its most hidden secrets. There is a museum called Red Light Secrets where the area’s escorts tell some funny, real-life stories.

5.    Find out how Heineken is being produced

Amsterdam is proud to say that it is the birthplace of one of the finest beers in the world – Heineken. Therefore, you have one of a kind chance to visit the popular Heineken Experience where you will have the chance to learn about the origins of Heineken and see the entire process of the production of your favorite beer.

6.    Get on the highest swing in Europe

At 100m altitude, A’dam Lookout is the highest swing in Europe. This attraction was officially launched back in 2016 and ever since is one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam between those who are addicted to the rush of adrenaline. You might wait an hour in line for just 2 minutes of adrenaline, but hey – it’s worth it!

7.    Sleep in a real windmill

Have you ever considered spending a few nights in a real windmill? No, it’s not impossible. Not in Amsterdam. Situated by a canal on the East side of the city, you can rent this beautiful windmill for a night or few, just like if you are in a hotel!

8.    Ice skating on frozen canals

There is one thing which is extremely popular between the locals of Amsterdam during winter days – ice skating on the frozen canals. So if you are visiting Amsterdam during winter, you may have the chance to get a glass of mulled wine and then try out this amazing adventure!