One of Europe’s most beautiful countries – the wonderful Greece! Greece has a lot to offer to you with its beautiful landmarks and an amazingly rich history to learn about. But as much beautiful the country is, the opposite is its packing list. It is a daunting task to make a Greece packing list, especially when you are traveling there for the first time and have no idea as to what should you wear and what essential items you should pack. Don’t worry, here you have it all covered!

Sea in Greece
The beauties of Greece

I live in Macedonia, the country right next to Greece. And regardless of the political situation between Greece and Macedonia, I admit that Greece is a beautiful country. I have been there many times and explored many of its beauties. Therefore, I do know what one should pack when visiting Greece and I have decided to share that knowledge with you.

Girl in Nea Flogita
Admiring the beauties of Greece © The Destinationship

I have made a comprehensive and effective ultimate Greece packing list which will surely assist you in your packing process. Moreover, I will highlight each and every single thing which you would need.

From essential things you should pack to the non-essential things, you should not pack in order to make your traveling easy for you. Not just that, I will also provide you the packing list according to your gender. Whether you are a male or a female, this Greece packing list is going to help you a lot. By the way, if you want to learn something more about Greece before you go, check out this article about fun facts about Greece that not even locals know.

In addition, I will give you additional advice as to what should you wear based on the seasons and weather conditions in Greece. It will be a comprehensive and efficient Greece packing list. So without further ado, let us jump right into our guide!

Essential Things You Should Not Forget To Pack

In every traveling article, I mention certain important and essential things that are needed in order to have a smooth traveling experience. Today as well, I will mention those important and crucial things which you should never forget to pack whenever traveling to any place let it be Greece or anywhere else. Moreover, we will also discuss as to why those things are important and along with that we will suggest some products that you should purchase for your own benefit. Following is the list of essential things which you should pack in your Greece packing List: 

  • Packing Cubes: They will help you keep your stuff organized and would not allow them to get mixed up. Moreover, it will make sure your things are well apart from each other and whenever you will need something important, you can just look into the particular packing cube and find that thing. If you need high-quality packing cubes, check these out: 

  • Travel Adapter: It is possible that your country and Greece do not have the same outlets. So if you do not want to get into the high risk, consider investing in a travel adapter. Luckily, when I go to Greece I don’t need one because Macedonia and Greece have the same outlets, but I do have one for when I go to visit other countries, you can find it here:

  • Toiletries Travel Bag: This thing is quite obvious. There are many reasons why one should have a toiletries travel bag. Firstly, it will make sure you have everything for your hygiene and other uses. Secondly, in case if there are some products which might not be available in Greece, you will still have those packed with yourself. So have a look at this one on Amazon, I think it’s quite good:

  • Portable Charger: In a new place where you may have a constant need for GPS, it is important to make sure your phone is well charged each and every time. Therefore, a portable charger would come in handy.

  • Neck Wallet: It will save you from pickpockets roaming in Greece, always looking for an opportunity to steal your belongings. Fortunately, there is one thing called “anti-theft travel wallet” and this is where you can find it.

  • Shoulder Bag: It will help you while you walk around the cities and towns and carrying a good amount of additional weight. Sometimes it is a better option than a backpack as you can protect it better from thefts. Here is one that I particularly like:

  • Camera: How can you forget this? It is important to capture your memories in beautiful Greece. With stunning architecture and amazing people, you should make sure to capture your most memorable moments with them. You can buy a top-notch camera from Amazon, have a look at these cameras:

If by any chance, you want to pursue a career as a travel photographer then have a look at my article that covers that topic in specific.

  • Water bottle: There are some areas near the sea where you may find water to be salty. Therefore, if you want to avoid that, buy a water bottle that you can always carry around. Here is one which is very fancy and of high quality:

  • First Aid: In a new country, it might be difficult to find a doctor on an immediate basis and in case your injure yourself, it will become a dangerous situation. Therefore, have first aid with yourself and remember never to take any sorts of risk, especially when it is all about your health and life. You can buy a bag of first aid equipment on Amazon as well, here is one that I like:

  • Travel Insurance: Unfortunate events do occur, and they occur without notice. So to help you cover those expenses which may incur during any mishap, travel insurance would seriously help you a lot. Have a read at this article to find out all the reasons why you should have one. And once you do that just go to some local travel insurance and get yours!

Greece Packing List For Men

Greece Packing list for men article
Guy on a beach in Greece

If you are a man who wants to look good while in Greece, you must understand the dressing sense of men living there. It is important to look like them instead of a traveler. Also, we will guide you as to what should you wear which will help you not to stand out from the local crowd.

Firstly, make sure to have comfortable clothes. If we talk about the upper body, you should pack t-shirts of your choice. Along with that, you can have shirts for formal use. Here on Amazon, you can find one that definitely would be great to have during your visit to Greece, especially if you plan to go there in summer.

Moreover, polo shirts like this would also help you look good. Remember that you should avoid overpacking. Pack only according to your needs and the days you will spend there. Let’s discuss the lower body. 

For that purpose, you should pack a pair of jeans, shorts, and trousers per your choice. As said earlier, for formal use, dress pants should be your go-to option. As far as shoes are concerned, pack 3 types of shoes. One for walking, one for formal use, and one to wear casually. You can have sneakers or joggers for walking. For formal use, loafers are common in Greece, and for beach purposes, slippers would do the trick. 

I would recommend you to have a look at these slippers on Amazon that even have the flag of Greece.

Greece Packing List For Women

Greece packing list for women article
Girl in Greece

If you are a woman who wants to be fancy while in Greece, you must understand the dressing sense of women living there. As discussed above, we have to make sure we do not stand out from the crowd and look different from the local people. We will discuss the best possible and most comforting clothes for you and will help you look got without looking noticeable from the crowd.

So if we talk about the upper body, you should pack two or three t-shirts or tank tops. You can wear those anywhere you want and can use those for casual purposes. For formal use, you should pack, party dresses. You may want to look here on Amazon for the best party dresses.

Moreover, you can pack skirts, jeans, and shorts as well for the lower body. You can wear fancy clothes according to your style preference, just remember not to overpack as it could be a burden for you during the trip.

In addition to this, as mentioned before. pack three types of shoes and all of them for different purposes. For walking and jogging and especially on cobblestone streets, pack platform shoes, or sneakers. These sneakers on Amazon are my personal favorite. For formal use, dressier sandals will be useful. And for casual purposes, slippers and flats will be an appropriate choice. 

Greece Packing List For Each Season

Greece during winter
Greece during winter

As I’ve already mentioned I’ve been to Greece many times during different seasons. That’s why in this Greece packing list, I will also help you plan your packing list taking into account every season in Greece:

  • Spring: In spring you will get to witness rain in Greece and therefore you should not forget to pack an umbrella with yourself, it will come in handy. Have a look at this umbrella on Amazon with the Greek landscape on it. Moreover, a rain jacket will also be of great importance. For sunny days, a hat and glasses would be the right choice.
  • Summer: For summer, which is usually the best time for travelers, you should pack things that will help you stay protected from sunlight. Such as sunscreens and sunglasses, with a good quality hat. Moreover, light shirts and shorts are also important, as it can become really hot there during summer. 
  • Fall: A cool weather with a light crowd as most of the tourists would be gone. Greece looks stunning in this season. It can get a bit cold so you should pack a scarf and shawl with you. Moreover, a jacket of lightweight would also be useful. You can purchase that on Amazon. Even though it is a moderate temperature out there, still you should expect some cold winds. 
  • Winter: It can sometimes be mild and sometimes chilly, depending upon the area. Also, you will witness rain in this season and therefore, you should pack accordingly. Long sleeves shirts, blazers, and jackets are important. So keep that in mind!

NOTE: This is not really something you should pack, but I will still mention it – learn some basic Greek words. Hopefully, this video will help you out with that:

Greece Packing List: The Don’ts

Greece packing
Packing mess

Before getting ahead, remember that anything in excess is harmful to your health and life. The same is the case with packing. Do not overload it with tons of things as it will be a burden for you during your trip and you will have to pay extra for it if going to Greece by airplane. Having said that following are few things which you should not pack: 

  • Expensive stuff: Avoid packing expensive stuff. Remember, in case they get stolen not only you will lose them, but it will also ruin your mood and your entire trip.
  • Heavy books: If you are in love with reading, instead of packing heavy books, download Kindle e-books and read them on a Kindle reader device. I have one like this that I got from Amazon. If you don’t know which books to download, have a look at my other article that covers my top 13 travel books.
  • Extra clothes and shoes: Pack only those clothes which you will wear, according to the days you will stay in Greece. Also, avoid packing too many pairs of shoes, three are enough. 

Final Thoughts

Greece is definitely a country that you should visit at least once in life. I have the luck to live near it and I have visited it many times. By the way, if you go there make sure to visit Afytos – I fell in love with it at first sight! I have learned that there are things that you definitely should pack before you go there. However, there are also things that you simply don’t need.

Hopefully, this packing list solved all your doubts. Additionally, if your trip is during COVID 19 pandemic then I would recommend you have a look at this guide that put me over a week to put together. Have a lovely day ahead and best of luck with your trip to Greece!