Many people overlook one of the most essential things that could either make or break their trips – packing. Think about how would you feel if you forget to pack some of your essentials. Terrible, right? Well, packing also depends on the destination you are visiting. And if you are visiting Barcelona then you are in the right place as here you have the ultimate Barcelona packing list you didn’t know you need.

Cityscape of Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city with its own unique culture and identity. It is the capital of the region Catalunya, which basically is the heart of Spain. In fact, if you want to learn more about it then make sure to check out my other article that has listed some mind-blowing facts about this city that you sure would love to know.

Apart from its unique culture and traditions, Barcelona is also pretty different from other European Cities. The city offers 4.2 KM of the beach and provides suitable weather most of the year having warm sunshine and making it the best destination to spend holidays.

In addition to this, the city has been lucky enough to witness great artists such as Picasso and Miro. When traveling through the city you will get to see lots of museums dedicated to them, with tremendous pieces of art.

girl in Barcelona la Sagrada familia
Admiring Barcelona’s architecture, ©The Destinationship

In addition to all this, during your visit to Barcelona, you will see eye-catching architecture which will be different from today’s modern architecture especially the work of Antoni Gaudi.

It will be amazing to witness all this, but before you plan to visit this city of dreams, you should make a packing checklist with all the things you need for that trip and I will help you with that!

Let’s jump into it!

Buy Durable and Suitable Luggage

Woman carrying luggage

It is important that you buy durable and perfect match luggage so that it will be easy to pack all the essential items. Moreover, the luggage should be easy to carry and big enough to hold items you pack and also those that you might purchase during your trip in Barcelona.

Therefore, before you buy the luggage of your choice, check whether it will be worth buying it or not. Luggage can create various problems for you on your travel if it is not perfect and suitable for you, especially if your trip is a long one.

There are three things you should check. First is it light enough to carry easily, as you will already pack other stuff. Second, is it durable? The poor quality item may not work for a long time. Thirdly, is it capacious enough to hold lots of items as you may pack and buy other stuff as well?

Having all these criteria may help you tremendously successfully fulfill this Barcelona packing list as you will be able to pack whatever the essential items are, without worrying about anything,

I would recommend checking out this two-piece luggage set on Amazon.

Barcelona Packing List For Men

Man packing for Barcelona

As I previously mentioned the things you should pack while on a trip not only depends on your personality but also on the destination you are going to. The reason why that matters is that every location has its own climate and its own fashion.

If you are a man then make sure you have packed the following things when going to Barcelona:

A Few T-Shirts and Jackets Regardless of the Weather

The most important thing when we discuss what to have in Barcelona packing list is to first consider the weather of Barcelona. It may be warm and humid. That’s why make sure to pack a few t-shirts with you as they can always come in handy.

They will be easy to wear and will also be comfortable. What’s more, you should have some t-shirts even if you are going there in winter as you can easily wear them under your hoodie or blouse.

Additionally, note that regardless of when you are visiting Barcelona, you should always have a nice jacket with you as you never know how truly the weather would be like there.

If you don’t’ have any solid jacket to take on the trip then you can always purchase it here on Amazon.

Stylish Clothes Are Must on a Barcelona Packing List

Moreover, if you are conscious about fashion and style, you must get yourself some stylish clothes and not the ones that you wear every day. Remember that Barcelona is all about fashion, therefore you must consider something which will be worth wearing and would make you look fancy.

In addition, don’t forget that you have to look good on the photos that you will take while on the trip as those are captures that will remain forever!

If you don’t have such clothes remember that you can always get some here on Amazon.

Get a Few Pairs of Jeans and Pants

Having a few pairs of jeans and pants instead of just one is essential as well. When traveling around you must have comfortable yet pants, and therefore you should buy and pack them when traveling to Barcelona.

For instance, take a look at the following pair of jeans on Amazon:

Pack Two Pairs of Shoes

Many men overlook shoes, but the truth is they can either complement your look or ruin it. And as said, the first impression is the last impression, you must look impressive while wearing quality and stylish shoes.

Now you should keep in mind to pack with yourself those shoes which will come in handy and are versatile. Try looking for shoes that are basically made for doing every activity like sports, hiking, walking, and roaming randomly here and there. I would suggest you take a look at these ones on Amazon:

Apart from this, there may be some occasions where you would need to look formal and elegant simultaneously. In that situation, you definitely should have some nice shoes, so consider buying them and choose the ones that look great and are some to have some neutral color that you can combine with everything.

In fact, it would be great if you pack two pairs of shoes with you! One of them could be comfortable sports sneakers while the other ones could be more elegant.

If you don’t have such shoes then take a look at this stylish pair of shoes on Amazon:

Don’t Forget to Pack Pijamas

Finally, do not forget to pack pajamas, they might be super important as no clothing could be comfortable as they are and that’s exactly what you need after a day of exploring the city.

Keep in mind that just like the rest of the clothing, you should pack pajamas according to the weather. If you are visiting Barcelona in summer then you will definitely need pajamas that are not that warm.

Considering that many men don’t actually have pajamas, I will leave you this Amazon link so you can have a look at which pajamas are the best ones for you.

Barcelona Packing List for Women

Girl packing for Barcelona

Obviously, in many cases travel packing lists for men and women are slightly different. That’s why if you are a woman, you can also have a look at this Barcelona packing list specifically made for women:

Pack Some Stylish Clothes

As mentioned above, the weather in Barcelona can be warm and therefore you if you like skirts and dresses you can pack a few of them. Keep in mind that the skirts you would pack for your Barcelona packing list, must be fashionable as well as people in Barcelona truly dress very stylishly.

Moreover, if you are going to Barcelona in summer you could also pack dressy tank tops with you. They will make you look super fancy not only between the crowds in Barcelona but also in the photos that you will take there.

If you don’t have any then here is one dressy tank top that I absolutely love:

Pack Some Comfortable Clothes

If you are not really into skirts or dressy tank tops or even if you are, it is always good to have a few comfortable t-shirts with you. Remember that they must be of good quality and the most important thing, it must be comfortable and easy to wear as you may even spend a whole day wearing that t-shirt while roaming through the streets of Barcelona.

On the other hand, if you are visiting Barcelona in winter, it is more preferred if you also pack a few warm blouses or sweaters. If you want to get some before your trip to Spain then have a look at these super cool t-shirts and blouses on Amazon.

Again, just as I mentioned above – do not forget to take a jacket with you regardless of the weather. I have done that mistake once while I was on a trip and, trust me, it’s not that pleasant to wear a few layers of clothes during your trip so you won’t freeze. Don’t make that mistake and if you don’t have any cool jacket consider buying it here on Amazon before you go.

Pack Some Jeans and Comfortable Pants

Can you imagine going on a trip without packing some jeans or comfortable pants? I don’t know about you, but I really cant. Jeans and comfortable pants are essential and every person must pack them as they can come in handy regardless of which venue you are visiting especially casual ones.

If you want to look casual, the jeans must be the go-to option while if you want to feel more comfortable then make sure to pack some pants. If you don’t have any then check out these ones on Amazon:

Pack Two Pairs of Shoes

Every woman wants to look impressive, and as I said previously, they can either make or break your look. You can wear casual shoes like sportswear like these on Amazon while roaming around Barcelona or flats if you want to go out to some more elegant venues.

If you want flats, which must be of quality and good looking, consider buying these flats that are super highly rated on Amazon. You would not regret your decision!

Keep in mind that wearing high-heels during trips is not really recommended so try to avoid it!

Pack Pajamas and Sports Bras

Unlike men, most women do love wearing pajamas as they are super comfy especially after a long day of exploring places. However, once again I would definitely like to remind you to not forget to pack them!

Another thing that I would like to point out is that sports bras are a way better option than regular bras especially if you are on a trip. Therefore, if you don’t have any consider buying some as they are much comfortable which is super important considering that you will probably wear it all day long.

I would recommend this on Amazon that seems to be very popular:

Barcelona Packing List Essentials Apart From Clothes

Travel tech essentials

Apart from clothes, there are various other important things which you definitely should include in your Barcelona packing list. The reason is very simple – they will be useful for you during your stay in Barcelona.

Following are the essential things you must pack when traveling to Barcelona:

Your Camera, Phone, Laptop, and Portable Charger

I am actually sure that you won’t forget to take your electronic devices with you, but there is one thing you might actually forget – a portable charger. To charge your phone, camera, and other electronic devices, you will be needing a good quality portable charger, which may fit well in your bag or even pocket. This power bank from Amazon will prove out to be useful for you.

Moreover, you may also need to bring a power Europlug adapter with yourself. In case, if the power plug is different from your country’s, it will then come handy for you. If you don’t have such an adapter, you can get it here from Amazon.

Travel Insurance for Barcelona

You never know that any time or anywhere you may face something unfortunate like a medical or health emergency or maybe you want to get back home in an emergency, every scenario is possible to occur.

In such cases, you must have travel insurance, and that will save you from any financial issue. Find a good and reliable insurance provider, and you are good to go.

If you are still in doubt, in this article you will see all the reasons why you need travel insurance.

Travel Backpack and Anti-Theft Wallet

We discussed the importance of luggage and what qualities it must possess. The same will be the case with a travel backpack and wallet. Make sure to get some easy to wear backpack which will help you in traveling and walking around the city.

You may like something at a shop and you would buy it, to handle that, a lightweight and capacious backpack is a must. My best recommendation goes to this amazing backpack from Amazon specifically made for travel purposes:

Furthermore, remember that having a travel anti-theft wallet is super important when you travel. In fact, despite that Barcelona is a generally safe city, it still has pickpocketing. That’s why it is best to have a wallet specifically made to avoid that scenario.

This travel anti-theft wallet on Amazon looks great for such purposes:

Remember that it is best if you get two of them and keep the money and your personal documents separate, just in case! Speaking of that, don’t ever forget your passport and ID – that is the number one must-have!

Pack the First-aid Kit

To save yourself from ruining your trip to Barcelona, please pack a first-aid kit with yourself. It will be really helpful in case you find yourself in any sort of health problem or injure yourself. Therefore, this special travel first-aid kit from Amazon will be worth buying:

In addition to that, you should also pack certain important medicines, for example, medicines which will cure headaches, stomach aches, medicines that you take on a regular basis, etc.

Personal Hygiene Essentials

This one really depends on you as I know that some people may not use the same shampoo forever, and so they may buy a new one wherever they go, the same will be the case with soap.

However, if you are concerned about hygiene and those type of products, you must pack your own shampoo, soap, towels, shaving kit, etc. with you. Don’t forget that it is possible that the brand you are looking for may not be available in Barcelona.

Barcelona Packing List: Things You Should Not Pack

Barcelona packing list - donts'

We have discussed above in our Barcelona packing list the essential items which you must bring with you when traveling to Barcelona. It’s time we name those things which you should avoid bringing when traveling to Barcelona in order to make the trip more comfortable for yourself.

  • Too Many Clothes

They will be of no use. It might even overburden you, therefore avoid packing too many clothes.

  • Too Many Books

One book may be enough for your travel time pass. Having too many of them would only put weight on your luggage, and you won’t even read them while you are in Barcelona. Another thing you can do is get Kindle reader device such as this one on Amazon and download as many e-books as you want – in that way they sure won’t be a burden for you!

If you decide to do that I will highly recommend you read Cathedral of the Sea by Ildefonso Falcones during your stay in Barcelona as the story is happening in Barcelona itself. You can purchase the Kindle edition of the book hereIf you want more books then it is best if you check out this offer:

Kindle Unlimited Reading Subscription Discounted 6M, 12M, 24M pre-paid plans – earn bounty

  • Anything that might overburden you

You want to feel comfortable throughout your journey. Do not bring lots and lots of things. These things will be of no use once you are in Barcelona, therefore avoid putting the burden on you and your luggage. Also, keep in mind that with the increase in weight of luggage, the baggage fee would also increase. So be aware of that!

Final Thoughts

Before I end this small Barcelona packing list guide, I would give you another bonus tip: try to learn some Spanish before you go there. I am not telling you to enroll in some courses (unless you are planning to stay there for a longer period of time), but just to go to YouTube and try to learn some basic phrases that you might find helpful while being there.

This video could be a good start, so make sure to check it out:

Finally, traveling to Barcelona is something that you will never forget. When I was there, I was impressed by its architecture and how good it incorporates the beauty of the sea. That’s why I will recommend you to not worry too much about it and also check this article if you want to learn more about Barcelona’s culture before you go!

Lastly, just try to follow this Barcelona packing list and I am sure you will have a memorable stay there. Spanish people are super friendly and besides memories, I am also sure that you will make some great friends there. Best of luck!

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