Before you go to Thailand: Learn how to act like a true Thai local

learn thai

When you are visiting some other country, sometimes it is inevitable to adopt some of the local habits and make them yours as well. But when you are new, you are not very sure about how you should act in order to fit in that certain society. Thailand, especially Bangkok, has so many expats, tourists, and locals at the same time that sometimes it’s super confusing when it comes to learning what true Thai locals are like, especially if you want to learn how to act like them.

So before you go to Thailand, here is what you need to do if you want to be like a true Thai local while being there:

  1. Learn Thai
    Of course, the first thing that you should do when you start planning to visit some country is to learn some basic phrases in their native language. In Thailand, especially in Bangkok, most people do know English so many tourists and expats don’t even try to learn some words and phrases in Thai. Nevertheless, if you want to be like a true local, then, of course, you should first learn some Thai words and phrases. Real local does know their own language- that’s a rule!

2. Learn the Thai tradition

Bangkok might be the city of glamour and controversy, but indeed Thai are very traditional people. They love and respect their traditions, in fact, they live according to them. So if you want to look like a Thai local, make sure to learn all the traditions and respect them all!

3. Always wear sandals
As you probably may have heard by now, almost every Thai local wears sandals most of the time. No matter where they go and what kind of clothes they are wearing, Thai always wear sandals!

4. Talk respectfully about the Monarchy and Buddha
Most of the Thai have a great respect towards the Thai Monarchy and Buddha. So now you as a new ‘Thai local’, make sure to never talk anything bad about the Monarchy and Buddha, because it would be considered as disrespectful and “not Thai” at all.

5. Never go outside shirtless
As already mentioned above, Thai are traditional people. Therefore, going around shirtless there is considered to be very rude and immoral. Except when you are on the beach, of course!