Just a few days ago, Macedonia once again witnessed the largest annual Macedonian music festival – Makfest. Just in case you are wondering what we are talking about – Makfest is considered to be a real music tradition held each year in town of Shtip and ever since 1986, when it first was established, it is the ‘birthplace’ of many Macedonian (and back then, Yugoslavian) music stars and evergreen hits.

Therefore, to refresh your memory and/or prove you the greatness of the Macedonian music, here we go with the top 10 most catchy Makfest’s hits of all the time that no fan of good music could ever ignore:


  1. Trajche Manev – Osamen (winning song of 1987)

  2. Marijana I Rosana – Priznavam (1988)

  3. Ljupka Dimitrovska – Zvona Zvonat (winning song of Makfest 1990) 

  4. Olgica Dimitrovska – Svierete ja Zajdi Zajdi (winning song of Makfest 1990)

  5. Grupa Magija – Magija (winning song of 1998)

  6. Tose Proeski – Morska Zvezdo (1999)

  7. Adrijana Janevska & Marjan Stojanovski – Ljubov ti e adresa (winning song of 2000)

  8. Aleksandra Pileva – Nema uteha (winning song of 2004)

  9. Adrian Gadxa ft. Vrchak – Nedopirliva (2007)

  10. Elvir Mekic – Nekade posle 2 (2007)