Traveling has always been a fun part of our lives. With traveling, we can learn new things, explore the world, and can make long-lasting memories of our crazy adventures. Having said that, traveling with a pet, let it be your fluffy Dog or Cat or any other friend, enriches the traveling and adds fun to it.

Traveling with a pet may be more interesting and fun to do part, however, it can sometimes be more daunting and challenging if certain precautions are not taken. I know that because I also have pets and I have also taken them with me on some trips. However, there is no need to worry about it. I have listed 13 tips that may surely guide you and help you travel with your pet.

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Before we could even begin, we must consider a few things, which are essential to look into. Firstly, due to the prevalent situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have shut their borders in order to contain the menacing coronavirus.

Therefore, before planning to travel, you must consider the following page where you can find live updates about travel restrictions. If you are into travel apps then also make sure to check out my other article that covers that topic in specific.

After everything is set and done, make sure to take a look at this guide that took me over a week to put together.

Before Traveling With a Pet Ensure Your Pet Is Healthy Enough

Vet holding a dog

It would be a huge mistake if you forget to ensure that whether or not your pet is healthy enough to travel. Therefore, the number one tip is to visit your vet, and it may take more than one appointment in order to get the health certificate and all the vaccinations to be completed.

See, it may take some time but what it would do for you and your pet is just super beneficial. It would make sure your pet is healthy and fit to travel. It will save you from unforeseen problems that you may avoid if you fulfill this pre-travel health requirement and would also prevent other related issues from occurring when you are abroad with your pet.

Here is an additional bonus tip for you. To save your pet from any unfortunate health issue such as any gum disease and your fluffy friend is a dog, cat, or any other small pet, try using this product from Amazon. This product would prevent any dental disease from happening and would make sure your pet is free from all the troubles

Information and Identification You Need When Traveling With a Pet

Traveling with a pet collar

This one is one of the most essential parts when traveling with a pet. In fact, when you are traveling with a pet, you have to realize that in any case if your pet gets lost, you have got it microchipped.

What is microchipping?

Microchipping is a safe way of electronic identification that is implanted into the pet. It is secure and is immensely useful. It would have all the useful details and information about the owner and the pet. In the worst scenario, the microchip would turn out to be the savior. Anyone who finds the pet would take it to the concerned authorities. There the microchip would get scanned, through which the owner would get contacted, and finally, the pet and its owner would reunite.

Moreover, additional information is also as crucial, such as the pet’s collar. The owner could use it to insert and write further details such as the owner’s and pet’s name with contact details. For more efficiency and effectiveness consider buying this LED Dog Collar from Amazon. It is one of the best investments you can do for your pet.

Get a Traveling Pet Carrier and Other Essentials

As humans, we always prefer a more comfortable trip whenever we plan to travel. That’s why we try to make arrangements which may enhance our comfort level during our travel. Likewise, the pets also need that comfort and therefore the owner should arrange those accessories which may bring about more comforts for their pet.

When traveling with a pet, make sure you have the right, spacious, and well-ventilated carriage. I recommend buying this on Amazon which I also have for my cats. The best thing is that it is approved by most airlines so you shouldn’t have any issues in terms of that.

Note that you have to ensure first that your pet is comfortable with the carrier. Do this by allowing your pet to practice at home. In addition to this, you should pack food for your pet, first aid, and essential documents.

Book a Pet-Friendly Hotel When Traveling With a Pet

Traveling with a pet in a hotel

Research is what most people often don’t do. You should not make this kind of mistake. Before you travel with a pet, you must do a bit of research where you should look onto the hotels which allow pets, and are friendly towards them. You should contact the relevant hotels and then plan accordingly. I recommend you to take a look at this site where you can find the best pet-friendly hotels in your desired destination. 

In addition, in case you have solved that then make sure to take your pet’s blanket so it would feel more comfortable there. If you don’t have one, here you can find one of the best pet blankets on Amazon:

Remember that sometimes pets are not that easy to get used to other environments so it will be good if you take with you at least something familiar like their blanket. It will help them to adjust and get comfy much easier.

Prepare Your Pet For the Trip

Dog in a park

 Before traveling with a pet, it should be a great thing to take the pet out for a walk. It would be of great importance if your pet has never traveled before. Therefore, it is also good to allow your pet to roam around outside in the park or a garden so it would get ready for the change of environment it will experience.

Moreover, when you choose to travel in a plane, make sure to get your pet used to the carriage, it will make the journey easier for your fluffy friend. You can use this pillow on Amazon for your pet when traveling. It is super cute and also the material is super cozy.

Don’t Forget the Pet Food

Cat and dog eating

Watch out for what you feed your pet before you travel with a pet. It would be advisable not to feed it lots of food and that stuff which may upset your pet’s stomach. Make sure you feed the pet right before traveling.

Moreover, arrange the food your pet is used to eating. This is immensely crucial as it’s possible that you may not get what your pet eats in that country or destination you are about to travel to. So arrange it beforehand. You may need something to carry the food for your pet, right? While you are doing your traveling with pet essentials, you can also order this pet food container on Amazon:

Explore the Airline’s Requirements

Dog traveling

 When you are traveling with a pet, and you are traveling by air, you must ask yourself what mode of flying would be best for your pet. There are many airlines that have certain policies that indicate the requirements of flying your pet such as weight and carrier size. In order to confirm that your pet is eligible to fly on that airline, you must call them and ask for details of the airline’s requirements. Check out this article that deals with that topic in specific.

Flying with Pets In-Cabin

Cat traveling

It is likely that your fluffy friend may fly through in-cabin if he\she is lucky enough to weigh less and is small in size. When traveling with a pet try to ask the airlines to allow your pet to fly through in-cabin and to do so you have to contact them way before you travel as it will ensure that your pet’s place is booked and would also help to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

It is also advisable to fly your pet through in-cabin as he\she will be near you. Consider buying this soft-sided carrier from Amazon if your pet is allowed to fly in-cabin.

Flying Your Pet Through Cargo 

Cat in a career traveling with a pet

When you are traveling with a pet and you realize that your pet weighs a bit more and is pretty big in size, then the cabin might not be an option. The thing is that airlines may not allow your pet to fly in-cabin as they only allow small pets there. The option left is to make your pet fly through cargo.

Keep in mind that it may be a bit risky and you and your pet may not feel comfortable with it. However, although it is preferred not to fly your pet in cargo due to certain reasons you might not have another option. In that case, you should consider buying a premium-quality pet carrier that will protect your pet. I recommend you this one from Amazon.

Traveling With a Pet By Car

Pet traveling in a car

 By far, this one is the easiest and hassle-free mode of traveling when you are traveling with a pet. If your pet has already been to a drive with you then there is nothing to worry about, just prepare your pet, plan and there you go for the trip. However, if it is something new for your fluffy friend, then you must train him\her and than take your pet for a long drive.

Be aware that your pet is sitting safely and does not indulge in roaming here in there in your car, it can create problems while driving. Consider buying a pet car seat like this one on Amazon.

Consider Your Pet’s Toilet Needs

Small dog
This one isn’t exactly the funniest pat, but when you are traveling with a pet, you must make your pet practice cleanliness and toilet activities so that your pet and you enjoy a trip free of any concerns.

Before even you get to the trip, make sure your pet has been to the toilet. Moreover, as soon as you land, take your pet to his\her desired place. If your pet is a cat, try buying this litter box on Amazon that you can take with you on trips.

Prepare For Unwanted Emergency Situations

Traveling with a pet emergency kit

There are various chances that an emergency may strike us, it happens with everyone even to pets. Just try not to panic and contact the concerned authorities. Try to give it first aid as soon as possible, if your pet has faced an injury or if it is not feeling well.

However, make sure to always have a first-aid pet-kit like this one that you can get on Amazon with you:

What’s more, you can even make one by yourself as well, check out the video below to see how it works:

Final Thoughts

You and your pet are now ready to get going. But before you travel with your pet, make sure to check that you have all the essentials. This is just so that you don’t get into any sort of trouble. Check your pet’s relevant documents, carrier, pet’s health, mood, practices, and all other accessories as well as food.

Moreover, after you read this guide as to how to travel with a pet and still find it difficult, and also if you, yourself are traveling for the first time in your life, consider traveling alone. Take your fluffy friend with you only when it seems inevitable because although humans enjoy traveling, pets are generally not much into it. At least mine are!

However, if everything well and your pet enjoys traveling just as you do then just go ahead and take it with you! I am sure that you will have a lot of fun together and that way you won’t have to spend some time apart while you are on your trips.

So good luck with your trip and enjoy traveling with your pet and make beautiful memories! Happy day!

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