Visiting Bansko in summer, to do it or not? This is a question that often pops up in the head of people who are planning to explore the beauties of Bulgaria. The short is “Yes”, the larger one is this article where you will find out why you should visit Bansko in summer. 

Bansko souvenir
Souvenir of Bansko © The Destinationship

Situated at the foot of Pirin Mountains, Bansko is a small charming town in southwestern Bulgaria which is considered to be a real ski-gem during cold winter days (you can learn more about it here). However, what many fail to see is that Bansko doesn’t necessarily should be your holiday destination during winter, but it could also be a great run-away during hot summer days as well. In fact, I spent my vacations there last summer and it was truly a fantastic experience!

Here are all the reasons why you should choose Bansko as your run-away spot during summer:

It Is a Truly Great Place If You Want to Escape the Summer Heat

Pirin Mountains Bansko summer
Pirin Mountains © The Destinationship

As I already mentioned, Bansko is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains at an elevation of 1200 meters above sea level, therefore, the real summer heat is not a thing you should worry about in Bansko. Yet again, do not panic, it is not cold either!

The weather temperature is around 25° during the day and, of course, a little bit lower during the night. It is simply perfect! Note that you should not forget to grab your jacket while going on an evening walk in Bansko! Trust me, you might need it!

I think that this neutral summer jacket would be perfect for summer evenings in Bansko:

By the way, while you are doing your shopping, check out my other article about which travel accessory you should definitely have based on your zodiac sign.

You Can Still Enjoy a Cocktail Right Next to an Outdoor Pool!

Bansko Maria Antoaneta
Pool swimming in Bansko © The Destinationship

You might want to escape the summer heat, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should compromise about drinking a cocktail and sun-bathing right next to a cool pool. After all, that is what summer is about! And Bansko isn’t asking you about that!

Most of the hotels in Bansko (and believe me there are a lot) have an outdoor pool area where you can enjoy just like you would on any beach! So make sure to take your swimwear with you! Have a look at this amazingly fancy swimwear selection:

The View of the Pirin Mountains Is Even More Beautiful During the Summer

Coffee with the view of Pirin Mountains Bansko Maria Antoaneta
Coffee with a view of Pirin Mountains © The Destinationship

Just imagine drinking your morning coffee with the view of the gorgeous Pirin Mountains and its green beauty during summer days, perfect, isn’t it? Well, that wouldn’t be possible if you choose to visit Bansko only during wintertime!

This was actually one of my favorite things during my stay there in Maria Antoaneta Hotel. Every morning I would wake up, grab a cup of coffee, and admire the beauty of the Pirin Mountains. So if you decide to visit Bansko in summer then I would highly recommend you to book a hotel which offers that fantastic view.

It Is More Peaceful During the Summer

Bansko in summer art
Art Shop © The Destinationship

As I already said, Bansko is mostly considered to be a winter tourist attraction, therefore, while it is extremely crowded with tourists during winter that is not the case during summer. Of course, there are a lot of tourists from all around the world who visit Bansko during summer as well, but not as nearly as wintertime.

This makes Bansko a perfect holiday destination for all those who want to truly get some rest and refresh their mind! What’s more, it will surely be different and more peaceful from your previous summer vacation spent on a crowded beach.

You Could Take Longer Walks to Admire Bansko’s Architecture

Church Holy Trinity in Bansko
Church Holy Trinity in Bansko © The Destinationship

Bansko is a town, but a very charming place and that is not only because of the incredible views of the Pirin Mountains that it has to offer. People also visit Bansko because of the old and traditional architecture that you can see only there.

And because during summer the temperature in Bansko is neither hot nor cold, you could admire Bansko’s architecture to the fullest! When I was there I would just spend hours taking photos of the stunning architecture. Therefore, if you are an architecture lover, I would recommend you to have your camera ready! I have a Sony DSCH 300 and I truly love it so if you don’t have a great camera, you can buy it here:

NOTE: Another thing you should consider buying before going to Bansko is a mosquito protector like this on Amazon! You might need it during your evening walks!

Final Thoughts 

I am going to admit that I was also a little bit skeptical about whether I should visit Bansko during the summer. The reason is simple – agencies usually promote it as a winter tourist attraction. Yet I decided to give it a shot and I was super surprised, in a good way! 

It was a different kind of summer vacation. It was more peaceful, calmer, and definitely felt more like a vacation than any other summer vacation I ever went through. Trust me, you should definitely give it a shot!