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Greece, without a doubt, is one of the world’s most popular destinations. It is one of the key factors of the American dream as every American dream of visiting this country one day and ‘a must visit’ for every European.

And while everyone is convinced that they are experts in ‘knowing’ everything about Greece still there are things that only a few have even heard about:

1. Greece is considered to be the sunniest country in the world with over 250 sunny days on average!

2. There are more tourists than locals during the summer time!

White Tower of Thessaloniki 2019 by The Destinationship ©

3. Greece isn’t really “Greece”, but Hellenic Republic – the real name of the country.

4.  It has more than 4000 traditional dances.

5. The Greek language is the oldest written language in the world – it has been used for more than 5000 years!

6. The option of simply ‘not voting’ is not a matter of choice in Greece. Anyone who is 18 or above HAS to vote!

7. Greece is the world’s 3rd leading producer of olives. Some of the olives trees are considered to be planted back in the 13th century!

8. Only 170 out of 2000 Greek islands are actually populated by people.

9. Greece is the world’s leading producer of Sea Sponges.

10. No other country has as many archeological museums as Greece.

11. According to an ancient belief in Greece, the turquoise blue color keeps evil away.

12. Greeks wave with their palm closed; they believe that waving with the fingers expanded is an insult.

13. Greece has the highest abortion rate and the lowest divorce rate in the European Union.

14. The national animal of Greece is dolphin, not donkey as many believe although it definitely played a huge part of the history of the country.

15. Greece improved their previously bad relationship with Turkey after the devastating earthquake in 1999 when both countries were hit and came to each other’s aid. Just like Aristotle once said: “A common danger unites even the bitterest enemies”.