Most people would think that all you need to become a travel photographer is just a camera and some money to travel, but travel photography is much more than that. Here we have listed these very useful tips that will guide you to become a travel photographer even if you are starting from scratch!

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Despite it being a passion and an interesting, full of adventure job. Travel photography is something that could be utilized for a multi-purpose task. If you dream of traveling for free, roaming, wandering, and exploring the world every now and then, travel photography can make this dream of yours come true.

Or if you want to earn and wish to make lots of money, travel photography would surely help you out as well. Even if it is just about capturing photos of great places around the world and adding lots of stuff to your collection, travel photography fits best for you.

Travel photographer in Vienna
A day in Vienna ©The Destinationship

However, if it was just so easy, there is one question that often pops up in people’s minds.

Why there are so few travel photographers serving around the world?

The answer to the question is, that because it is a myth that becoming a professional travel photographer is just a piece of cake, people who are passionate about this field perceive it wrong and when they finally get to learn the process, they give up and switch their careers and profession as it truly takes some time and perseverance to become a travel photographer.

However, there is no need to panic as here you have an ultimate guide where you will learn everything you to know in terms of becoming a travel photographer.

So let’s get rolling!

Stay Motivated and Show Determination to Become a Travel Photographer

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Let it be anything, to achieve something big everyone has to give sacrifices and have to work hard no matter what.  You have to show motivation and have to be determined in all the circumstances. But when you achieve what you strive for, the feelings at that moment have no match. So the first tip on how to become a travel photographer is all about motivation and determination. A person can get motivated by someone, especially if that person belongs to the same profession or field you are trying to get into.

Here you have a list of top 10 travel photographers that you can look up to and get the motivation to become like them. Learning about the struggles and following the pathway of successful travel photographers may help you achieve your dream profession.

However, considering that motivation should always come right when you wake up, I recommend you to take a look at this traveler quotes coffee mug from Amazon may help you stay motivated when you sit for your breakfast and have your favorite cup of coffee.

Setting Goals and Working Hard

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Now that you are super motivated and have the determination to work towards achieving your passion, the second tip on how to become a travel photographer is to set certain goals and then prioritize them by putting some hard work towards it.

There may be various goals that you have set in your mind but your main priority must be to work on those goals and aims which are much important to you and you are willing to put in time and efforts towards achieving that goal. Following may be the goals you want to achieve: 

  • Build a career out of travel photography
  • Make travel photography your passion
  • Earn from travel photography
  • Make into the top headlines as a travel photographer
  • Travel around the world as a travel photographer
  • Become a better photographer than your now

Once you make the list of your goals, set them accordingly, and then prioritize them so that you can work towards them systematically. This may be the most crucial part of this guide because if you do not know where to go and have no idea what is the most important thing for you, wandering might trouble you and as stated earlier, you may end up giving up on your dreams of becoming a travel photographer.

I would suggest you buy this goal-getter a productivity journal from Amazon as it would help you track your progress.

Time to Make the First Step to Become a Travel Photographer

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Our third tip on how to become a travel photographer is an obvious one: getting a good camera and learning photography. Yes, people often misunderstand and assume that they are good at something when they actually are not so good. The same is the case with photography.

People tend to presume that they have captured a few high-quality pictures via their camera phones and are now eligible to travel and start their photography career, but sadly it is not that simple.

Choosing The Right Camera

One must learn how to do professional photography and then dedicated themselves to photography as professionals. The basic and most important thing is to have a camera with sheer quality and good specifications. One of the most renowned ones is Canon. Try to purchase a high quality of DSLR of that brand.

Moreover, various lenses, an ample amount of memory card space, batteries, remote shutter, and portable tripod such as this one on Amazon must be bought in order to learn professional photography. However, I would recommend you not purchase an expensive one if you are a beginner that’s why I would recommend this Canon camera on Amazon that comes with additional equipment that you will need.

You can also have a look at the following DSLR cameras that are widely used for professional photography:

Remember that it is okay to use the camera phone for social media purposes. However, getting your photo published and reaching high-level demands a good quality DSLR camera. So try to get one!

Learning Photography Is the Key to Become a Travel Photographer

In order to learn the skills, you can try to go for two main approaches. First, you can learn the skills by joining a photography training school. If you live in the USA, you can get help using this website Best Photography Schools, it will help you choose the best institute that can help you learn the skill.

However, if due to certain reasons you are not able to get into a photography school, you could try the second approach. The second approach is to join this fantastic photography online course on Udemy.

Note that you should practice all the time. Practice really does make a person perfect. You should grab your DSLR, go outside, and start capturing photographs of everything possible. Try to capture it from every angle, in every style, and in every category. This will ensure your technique becomes perfect and you will start feeling easy while shooting. After all, you are up for the task to become a travel photographer.

Learn To Edit Your Photos 

Girl working on a laptop

Alright, being a great photographer might not be enough to become a professional travel photographer. The reason is that nowadays professional photos are always edited which makes them stand out even more.

If you are truly serious about travel photography then I will suggest you also learn at least some basic photo editing skills and make your photos more attractive.

Here is a great tutorial that could truly serve you to improve your photo editing skills:

 Or if this is not something you are into then I would suggest you hire a professional photo editor. To save you time, here is where you can find great photo editors at very affordable rates.

 Getting a Step Forward: Strive to Stand out 

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This field is competitive. With the increasing use of social media, many people are getting access to photography. But you need to realize that there are just a few people who do their tasks and follow their passion with honesty.

Choose Your Brand Name as a Travel Photographer

So now, my fourth tip on how to become a travel photographer is to strive to stand out and not to fit in. Be competitive, more creative, and eye-catching. First, you should think of a name that may describe you and your work. Make it sound catchy. Avoid making it vague and think of a title that is unique. You may take the help of this article that has 50 creative photography name ideas.

Make sure to check out whether your brand name has an available domain you can do that on GoDaddy. If it is available then go ahead and purchase it as well as your hosting.

Create a Logo

Second, you should polish your brand. Try to look out for attractive and eye-catching logos. I would recommend you take a look at this gig on Fiverr where you can order your logo from a professional graphic designer.

Having a logo would catch the attention of the audience and would bring in more attention to your photography skills. People would think of you and your brand to be of high quality and will surely approach you.

Create a Niche

The third most important thing is to create a niche. This very thing would assist you in getting ahead of everyone else. There are lots and lots of content and there are a huge amount of photographers available, but creating a niche would make you look unique and will act for you as a unique selling point.

The niche can be like:

  • Capturing photographs inside the sea (If you find this risky, avoid it) 
  • Drone capture 
  • Photographs from a particular destination
  • Photographs of a particular object such as travel souvenirs
  • A photograph is a combination of more than one thing in its own unique sense

Remember, you may fail at first, but believe me, working on your niche persistently would make it better with the passage of days. One day, when you will surely be ready to travel, this camera backpack from Amazon may help you out carrying your photography equipment around. So check it out!

Create Your Online Portfolio

Laptop and coffee

Having a portfolio is essential for any creative professional regardless of whether you are a photographer, writer, graphic designer, etc. It will help you to attract more clients as that way they would be able to see your work and select you as their photographer if they like your photos. And of course, it should be online just like everything else nowadays.

However, I know that creating an online portfolio can be hard work especially if you don’t have any web development skills. so I will highly recommend you to take a look at this gig on Fiverr where you can get your website done by a professional web-developer!

Find Yourself Clients: Use Social Media

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Now that you have finished all the prerequisites, it’s time to sell your work. The best way you can do that is to use social media. Promote yourself and most importantly have patience. It is not easy to get a client. You must gain patience. Keep in mind that your target clients might be travel influencers that like traveling but are simply not good enough in photography. So try to reach them on social media, especially on Instagram.

Another great option that you have is to apply for jobs in travel agencies and be their professional travel photographer on their trips. For that, you will obviously need a stunning CV or resume and not only a portfolio and if you don’t have one, don’t worry! I know that many people think that having an eye-catching resume and CV takes a lot of work, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I even have created a Udemy course where I am showing you how you can create a CV or resume with ZERO graphic design and writing skills. Make sure to join it here!

Finally, once you meet a client, try to act professionally, and serve your best potential. It’s time you show the world what you got. You can even make a YouTube channel to promote your stuff through videos and even add ads and earn some extra cash. This Social Media Marketing workbook from Amazon may be useful for you.

Become a Contributor or a Freelancer

In addition, you could consider becoming a contributor and selling your photos on stock image-selling websites such as Shutterstock, Gettyimages, Alamy, etc.

Moreover, you can become a freelancer on Fiverr and offer your travel photos to travel influencers. Trust me, I have been working there as a freelance writer for a few years now and I couldn’t be happier. I think that Fiverr is the easiest freelancing platform that has room for every skillful professional.

NOTE: If you don’t have PayPal then I would suggest you join Payoneer as it is one of the most common payment methods for freelancers. It is that way not only on Fiverr, but on other freelancing platforms as well so it will be a good idea to have it just in case, right?

Final Thoughts

There are various examples around the world that have taught us that a person never achieves his goal until he works tirelessly upon it. No one gets successful overnight.

It is a matter of hard work and the capability of having patience which ensures success. Nevertheless, I am sure if you follow the tips mentioned above, you will taste success and the fruit of success would definitely be sweet and rewarding.

In addition, if you become a travel photographer then check out my article about which drones are best for travelers.