[sg_popup id=”1662″ event=”inherit”][/sg_popup]There is one rule when visiting a foreign country: you should always try as many of their traditional specialties as possible. And while many talk about food,  in honor of the upcoming Craft beer day which will take place at May 18, 2019 (2/1), we’ve made decided to talk about drinks, specifically about where you can get the best craft beer in Skopje – the capital of Macedonia.

Truth to be told, the list is not that large. Unbelievably there are only two places in Skopje where you can find an authentic craft beer that they themselves have brewed it.

But that isn’t really bad news because both of these places are so talented when it comes to craft beer that you wouldn’t even want to check out others (in case there were).

  1. Kolektiv

Located right on the main square, Kolektiv is a place where you can get an extraordinary craft beer in Skopje with a spectacular view of the huge statue of Alexander the Great.  What’s the best about their craft beer is the fact that they offer beer with a variety of flavors such as lemon beer, strawberry beer, a melon beer, cherry beer, etc.

Kolektiv often has live music performances meaning that you can truly have fun there to the fullest. On top of that, the venue is often crowded with tourists from all around the world meaning that you can easily make a friend from another nation.

  1. Old Town Brewery 

    Copyright Disclaimer: Photo belongs to Old Town Brewery

Opened back in 2009 in the Old Bazaar, the Old Town Brewery is the oldest brewery of craft beer in Skopje. This venue is lucky enough to say that it has to offer 6 different craft beers such a pilsner, a red pilsner, a dark pilsner,  a smoked pilsner,  a porter, IPA, and others.

If you are visiting Skopje during summer time make sure to take a sit in their outdoor beer garden where you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Skopje’s Old Bazaar and the magnificent taste of Temov beer – the beer brand which they produce.


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