Paris, the capital of France, is the number one dream destination of many people around the world, some of them even wish they would have been born there. If you are one of them, don’t worry – before you visit Paris, here you can learn how to act like if were born and raised Parisian:


  1. Dress elegantly.

Before anything else, Paris is the city of elegance. Parisian people like to keep up with the world of fashion, but still, like to keep it simple and elegant and you shouldn’t be an exception. So before you go, make sure to invest a good amount of bucks into buying some simple, but yet modern pieces of clothing. Remember, most of them should be black!

  1. Forget about money talks.

As already mentioned, Paris is the city of elegance and that is not only because Parisian people like to dress elegant, but also because they like to keep their attitude that way as well. And truth to be told, there is nothing elegant in talking about money or checking your bill in a restaurant, so act like a Parisian and just forget about money at least while you are there!

  1. Have a Parisian breakfast.

Before you order eggs with bacon and cheese for your breakfast, remember that you are in Paris. What does that mean? Well, it’s simple – a croissant and a café crème – that’s what a breakfast is in Paris!

  1. Learn French.

Most of the Parisian people refuse to speak English and probably that is because of their bad history with “les Anglo-Saxons” (the British).  That’s why speaking English in Paris…. Well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be very Parisian of you! Therefore, make sure to learn at least the basics of “la langue de Molière” and pronounce it as good as possible!

  1. Read Le Monde or Libération.

Parisians people are that sophisticated that instead of talking about money and politics during dinner time, they talk about the latest news in the field of culture and art. That’s why make sure to read Le Monde or Libération so you could freely join their conversation when you are having dinner in Paris.

  1. Be mysterious.

Parisians do not talk a lot about their private lives. Instead, they like to keep it exactly like that – private and, well, mysterious. According to them, less is more! It is more elegant, more sophisticated, sexier!

  1. Learn to greet like a Parisian.

Instead of shaking hands or hugging each other, Parisian people like to greet their friends in a Parisian way. How is that? Well it’s actually quite simple, but ultra Parisian – get close to the right cheek of your friend, then the left one and make a kissing sound!

  1. Kiss French.

And finally… kiss French! Even when you are not in Paris! ?