Is there a person in this world that could say “No” to a nice, tasty, irresistible slice of Italian pizza? Don’t even bother to answer this, it’s just a rhetoric question – we all know the answer. It’s just enough to say that the average American will eat 6,000 slices of pizza per year. 

In fact, if there was a word that best describes pizza then that’s for sure is the word “temptation”. You know you probably shouldn’t, but you just can’t help but have a slice or two… And then before you even realize it, the entire pizza is gone!

Luckily, some pizzas are healthier than others. As you probably have guessed, those are pizzas with vegetarian toppings. They include ingredients that are easier to digest and, of course, no animals were hurt either. 

So obviously the big question here is what toppings go on a vegetarian pizza, right? Well, there are a few vegetarian pizza toppings that you definitely should try if you want to experience the real vegetarian pizza experience regardless of whether you are in Italy or at home. 

Here are my personal favorite vegetarian pizza toppings that are magical enough to make you feel like if you are in Italy while tasting the flavors:

Margherita Topping With Tomatoes and Mozzarella 


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It’s impossible to start a vegetarian pizza toppings list without putting Margherita at the very top. Many people say that Margherita is “the queen of all pizzas” and considering that it was named after Margherita of Savoy, the Queen of Italy in the late 1800s then this indeed is true. However, what really makes Margherita so special is not its name, but its topping.

The recipe for this veggie pizza is super easy! Olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil – Margherita is all about simplicity and, as people say, – simple is more. More delicious, more irresistible flavor impossible to ignore.

Another interesting thing about Margherita is that it is one of the few variations of Neapolitan pizza. 

By the way, if you want to learn some amazing fun facts about Italy’s capital Rome, click here.

Pizza Topping Of Eggs and Sweet Potato

Vegetarian Pizza Topping Of Eggs and Sweet Potato

Want to take in some proteins and want to eat some pizza at the same time? Don’t worry, you can have it. What’s more, that is what this pizza is all about! 

Perfect for breakfast, this vegetarian topping for pizza is all about mixing the flavors of sweet potatoes, Gouda cheese, and eggs. The cheese and the cubed sweet potatoes are a great base for the eggs that will enrich the nutritional value and take the taste to a whole new level.

Asparagus Topping 

Pizza Asparagus Topping 

This vegetarian pizza topping is best recommended for spring! Why? Well, it’s simple – the main ingredient for its topping is asparagus which is the first plant that grows in spring. In combination with ricotta cheese melts, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and red pepper flakes – this vegetarian pizza is among the most popular pizzas among vegetarians. 

The best thing about asparagus is that it is rich in Vitamin K which is good for blood clotting and bone health, according to Healthline. Additionally, it also includes zinc, iron, and riboflavin which will provide an extra boost to your immune system. 

Quattro Formaggi – Cheese Topping

 Quattro Formaggi

If you like cheese as part of the topping of your pizza then Quattro Formaggi will be like a dream come true. Vegetarians who love cheese are absolutely crazy about this pizza as it includes not one, not two, not three, but four types of cheese!

Which types of cheese include Quattro Formaggi?

Besides the traditional Italian cheese Mozarella and tomato sauce, Quattro Formaggi consists of three other types of cheese. The fun fact is that they are not Italian, but French (Blue Cheese), Dutch (Edam Cheese), and Swiss (Emmental cheese). In other words, Quattro Formaggi is pizza where the flavors of the best world cheeses blend together!

Fugazza Topping With Sweet Onions

Vegeterian pizza Fugazza Topping

You probably have heard that there are different styles of pizza all around the world. Besides the traditional Italian pizzas, there are New York-style pizza, L.A- style pizza, Chicago-style pizza, etc. Well, pizza with Fugazza topping is an Argentinian-style pizza that vegetarians simply adore!

Opposite to Quattro Formaggi, Fugazza doesn’t necessarily need to include cheese as it is optional, but its topping has to include tomato sauce, sweet onions, and oregano.

What is the difference between Fugazza and Fugazzeta? 

Keep in mind that Fugazza is different than Fugazzeta, which is also an Argentinian-style vegetarian pizza. The difference is that Fugazzeta definitely has to be stuffed with tons of cheese, particularly with Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Provolone. Additionally, it also should be topped with tomato sauce, sweet onion, and oregano.

By the way, if you want a non-vegetarian pizza then make sure to check out our other blog post here where you will learn how to prepare New York-style pizza.

To Wrap Up

Considering that most people love pizza, it is important to answer two super popular questions. 

Can vegetarians eat pizza?

Yes! Vegetarians can eat pizza because there are vegetarian toppings for pizza. They mostly include veggies and cheese. 

Which veggies go on a vegetarian pizza?

Some of the best and most common veggies for a vegetarian pizza are mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, black olives, asparagus, tomatoes, etc. 

Answering these questions is important because nowadays more and more people are becoming vegetarians. The reasons are simple: they want to protect animals and want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 

Therefore, although the previously listed vegetarian pizza toppings are some of the most popular ones, there are still many other combinations that are absolutely delicious. 

The veggie pizza dough recipe is the same as every pizza recipe as it is vegetarian by itself, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Just make sure to be creative enough when preparing your own vegetarian pizza topping or “brave” enough to try a different type of vegetarian topping every time you decide to order a pizza. After all, remember that there are no bad pizzas so you can never really go wrong when it comes to your pizza choice!






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