Chalkidiki is a peninsula that is considered to be one of the major tourist attractions in Northern Greece. It is known for its numerous small towns and villages constantly crowded with thousands of tourists, especially during summer.  Nevertheless, no place in Chalkidiki could ever compare to the charming Afitos. And this is exactly why here I will try to explain to you why you should visit Afitos at least once life!

If I have to define Afytos in one short sentence I would say that Afitos is a magical combination of the endlessly blue Aegean, timeless Mediterranean architecture, and an unusual island-feel. 

And if that’s not enough for you to understand why I fell in love at first sight with this charming Greek village and why I think you should visit it too, here are 5 other reasons why you should visit Afitos: 

It has a character. afytos, greece, architecture
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Unlike other places situated on Chalkidiki, which are simple contemporary touristic summer destinations with a bunch of hotels and discos, Afitos has a rather traditional character. It has the power to take you back in time and convenience you that no combination could be as good as a crystal clear blue sea and the timeless Mediterranean architecture. This makes Afitos perfect for those who enjoy Mediterranean beauty!

Cats rule the place. 

cute cat, pet, cats in afytos, cats in greece

You can go to eat some gyro and chances are there will be the restaurant’s cat sleeping under your table or meowing you to share your gyro with them. You can go to buy some souvenirs and again – chances are a cat would be drawn on it. Cats truly rule Afitos and as a cat person that’s a huge reason why I got to love this stunning little village. 

If you visit Afitos you might feel like if you are in Santorini. 

architecture afitos

I still haven’t been to Santorini, not yet, but we all know that blue-white cityscape which made us all dream about visiting Santorini one day. Built right above the Toroneos Gulf, Afitos definitely feels like an island! Moreover, some houses have that traditional Santorini look which is simply impossible to ignore. In other words, Afitos is like “the more affordable version of Santorini”.

Locals seem to be very artistic. 

Art in Afytos, Afytos, Greek art

Hand-painted flowerpots portraying the beauty of the place, sculptures of some ancient Greek gods or warriors, houses made of local stone made by sand and shells – locals seem to love art and are not afraid to express their artistic skills all around the village. In fact, I could even say that the entire place seems to be like an indoor art gallery and who could not love that?! I know I do! And exactly this is one more reason why I think you should visit Afitos at least once in your life!

If you visit Afitos you will realize that its tranquility is priceless. 

coffee in Afitos, Greece

I am one of those people who appreciate tranquility more than anything else and Afitos has plenty of it. Despite that, there are a lot of tourists admiring the beauty of the place, it is still not as crowded as other places in Greece. Afitos is calm, serene, and worry-free! And this makes it a perfect place for those who would like to enjoy the present moment to the fullest!

Final Thoughts 

Afitos has truly been love at first sight for me. Not only its architecture differs from the rest of the Chalkidiki places, but its landscape also provides you an island-feel. I had the chance to visit it once and I hope I will have the chance to visit it again! I hope these 5 reasons were enough to convince you to give it a shot and visit Afitos at least just for a day! Do it and thank me later! 

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