Since the WHO declared COVID 19 pandemic the world has changed in a way that was hard to imagine before. People started self-isolation, to practice social distancing, wearing a mask became part of the daily outfit while many countries made some travel restrictions. That’s why in this article, you have listed all the things you should consider before traveling during COVID 19 pandemic.

traveling during covid 19

Although the time of pandemic is not the time to travel, sometimes we cannot avoid it. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that in recent times traveling has never been as hard as it is now. Even if countries completely removed travel restrictions chances are that people simply couldn’t enjoy their trips like before. No matter where you choose to go travel in 2020 and maybe even 2021, it would be like traveling to a war zone and the worst part is that the enemy is completely invisible and super powerful.

That’s why if you decide to travel during COVID 19 pandemic you should be well-prepared and make your safety your number one priority. Keep in mind that regardless of how much you used to travel before, this time it will be different.

To save you time from thinking about all the things you should do before start traveling during the COVID 19 pandemic, I have decided to put together this guide and make it all easier for you.

So let’s get started!

Check Travel Restrictions in Your Desired Destination


travel restrictions in NY

When COVID 19 was declared pandemic many countries made some strict travel restrictions. That’s why make sure to check if there are travel restrictions before booking accommodation and embarking on a trip. It is possible that travel is only allowed for certain purposes and that tourist travel is not allowed. In other countries, traveling might be possible but after the arrival, you might be requested to stay in self-isolation for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that research as those travel restrictions change at any moment. However, if you already have an airline ticket, have a hotel booked, and an organized trip, it is best to contact the airline, hotel, or travel agency to find out what the situation is.

This way you will get the most reliable first-hand information at any time. Some airlines have already canceled flights to certain destinations and offered passengers the option of subsequent free airline ticket changes. If you have booked a hotel in a city where there is currently a virus outbreak and therefore cannot travel, the hotel may offer you a refund or a free change of booking date.

Are you planning a cruise? Given the very familiar situation with the Diamond Princess and many infected passengers on it, many agencies have redirected cruises around Asia to other areas to allow their passengers to travel smoothly. So keep that in mind!

Make a Medical Test and Prepare Your Travel History

Doctor checking patient from COVID 19

The key thing you should do before even think about traveling during COVID 19 pandemic is to make a medical test and confirm that you are not positive of COVID 19. The reason why this is important to do even when you are in a perfect condition is that most of the countries would request it when you enter their borders.

In fact, it could even be said that being tested negative of COVID 19 is like the new type of visa. If you are negative then you should start getting ready! However, if you are positive then, of course, you should cancel the trip and start your recovery.

Moreover, since the beginning of the pandemic, every person who has been traveling to another country in the past 2 weeks is considered to be a risk. That’s why just as you should have ready your medical test proof you should also prepare your travel history.

Check If Travel Insurance Is a Possibility When Traveling During COVID 19 Pandemic

travel insurance signing


Have you contracted travel insurance when buying a plane ticket or travel? In this case, you may be entitled to (partial) compensation in case of travel cancellation or if the trip is not feasible due to coronavirus.

One thing you should know is that that most travel insurance does not cover travel cancellation fees due to a virus after the date the World Health Organization or the Government or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning against traveling to a particular country. Read the terms of your travel insurance carefully and if you are still in doubt get in touch with your travel agent.

Take Self-Protection Measures When Traveling During COVID 19 Pandemic

Mask, gloves and hand sanitizers


During the trip, it is advisable to apply a few simple self-protection measures. Remember that no one could protect yourself as much as you can. The authorities may make some strict measures, but if you fail to apply them then no one is to blame, but yourself. That’s why make them your number one priority!

Always Wear a Mask Or Medical Face Shield

Traveling during COVID 19 pandemic coronavirus
Wearing a mask during COVID-19 pandemic © The Destinationship

I am not trying to sound like Captain Obvious here, but the truth is that many people forget about how important masks can be. Do not make that mistake! I know that wearing a mask all the time while you are out might be a little bit annoying, but in the long-run, those masks are our life-savers. However, make sure to refer to this guide by the World Health Organization that covers when and how to wear a mask in specific.

In addition, I would highly advise you to have more than just one mask when traveling just in case you lose them. That’s why before your trip make sure to have a look at this package of 50 disposable masks on Amazon.

Another even better alternative than a mask is a medical face shield that covers your entire face including your eyes. This medical face shield is often used for safety purposes by doctors and other medical professionals. To save you time for looking for this type of a medical face shield I would recommend this pack of 5 medical face shields on Amazon.

Or if you are on a tight budget you can also make a medical face shield by yourself by watching the tutorial below.

Always Wear Gloves

Another very important thing related to safety when traveling during COVID 19 pandemic always has your hands clean. That’s why to make sure to always have a pair of disposable gloves when you leave the place where you are staying during a trip. Again, just as for the masks, you should also have more than just one pair of disposable gloves. I would recommend this pack of 100 disposable gloves on Amazon.

Keep in mind that, wearing gloves doesn’t mean that you should be touching your face with them or not washing your hands after you remove the gloves. Yes, they minimize the risks of getting infected by COVID 19, but if you forget to wash your hands after it or you touch your face with them then all the effort would fall in the water.

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Always Have Hand Sanitizers

If wearing disposable gloves is not your thing then you have another choice – hand sanitizers and wet wipes. Regardless of the fact that they can be found on almost every gas station on highways, airports, hotels, and stores, it is useful to go on a trip with a package of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer gel.

If you have trouble finding disinfectants, as there is currently a shortage of these things, you can always find disinfectants online. That’s why I would recommend this pack of 200 wet wipes and this pack of 2 bottles of hand sanitizer gel.

Practice Social Distancing On the Trip

Social distancing during COVID 19 illustration


Health experts warn that the new coronavirus is spreading through community contact, which means that you should stay away from crowded places as much as possible. This reduces the exposure of sick people. Of course, tourist attractions tend to attract an audience, but you should still be able to visit during periods when there are not many visitors.

In places like Paris, this can mean to visit the Louvre at the opening of the museum or just before close instead of the middle of the day when tourist traffic peaks. By the way, Paris is more than just the tourist attractions, that’s why if you visit it make sure to taste these French dishes.

Traveling during the new coronavirus outbreak will not be easy as social distancing is a must wherever you go. However, if you want to learn more about how to practice social distancing properly then I recommend you to have a look at this article that covers that topic in specific.

Consider Whether Is It Really Necessary To Travel During COVID 19 Pandemic

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When asked whether it is wise traveling during COVID 19 pandemic, there is no correct answer at the moment. The answer depends on many factors such as the destination of the trip, the date of the trip, the possibility of canceling the trip, your own health condition, whether you are traveling with small children or your partner is at risk, etc.

It is important that you weigh all your options reasonably and make the decision that is best for you. If you are traveling with someone else then make sure to sit down, weigh all your options, and decide what’s best together.

In addition, you can also consider making your trip in your own country instead of going abroad. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the risk of getting infected is lower, but at least you will be in your own country in case of an emergency. Furthermore, that way you will help the hospitality sector in your country that sure is struggling at the moment.

If you decide to postpone your trip and stay at home then I would recommend you to take a look at my other article where I have listed the best travel books that you should read during the quarantine. In fact, those books might be your travel ticket even without leaving your home!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide will help you out to properly prepare for your trip because, chances are, most of us have never been on a trip during a pandemic and it definitely will be different than any other trip you went before. If you want to inform yourself further on this topic make sure to check out this article.

Additionally, it should be borne in mind that with the COVID 19 pandemic, a pandemic of untrue and erroneous data emerged as well. Don’t trust everything you read, and most of all, not the hate-speech that divides people and spread racist messages.

This is a time when we must work together and understand that we are members of different nationalities, that we live in different countries on different continents, but that we are all united by a common planet and a common destiny – the destiny of humanity that depends on all of us.