Travel drones are becoming increasingly popular among travelers. The reason is very simple, travelers no longer want to capture their best moments with DSLR cameras, but also want to capture them from aerial view. If you are one of them then here you can find the best travel drones on the market.

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As the world revolutionized and became modern with the passage of time, new developments made certain things way easier for people. The same is the case with travel photography. In the past, when someone had to take photos in an aerial view in the past, they had to travel far and had to climb heights and mountains while risking their lives. It was a far more difficult method to capture photos in that view.

However, as discussed above, things have now changed. The world has developed and new technologies have been introduced – which have made traveling and capturing breathtaking photos much easier and safer.

Which drones are the best for travelers?

Today, there are drones and particularly travel drones which are popular among travelers. They are easy to handle as they are lightweight, have good features, and do not cost that much either. 

This means that to take breathtaking and amazing photographs when you are traveling, you should definitely have a travel drone. But before buying one, you must realize that there are certain important things like features such as camera and weight or battery life e.t.c. that you must check before purchasing a drone.

In this guide, we will tell you about the top 15 travel drones that are popular among travelers. Let’s jump right into this! 


DJI Mavic 2 Pro Travel Drone
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DJI MAVIC 2 PRO is the number 1 travel drone on our list. This is because of its super abilities and the fly range of around 8 KM. The fly time of this travel drone is also about half an hour, which is quite amazing. It could be best used for travel and hiking purposes as it has one of the best and compact designs among other travel drones. This makes it easier to carry so you can pack this in your backpack without having any sorts of trouble. 

If we talk about the camera quality of this travel drone, it is quite good but not in comparison with other travel drones, that have better camera quality. 

It may not be the best for professional photography but has got some of the most amazing features. It has obstacle avoiding, return to home, and automated flight mode options, with few other functions as well. Overall, it is the best travel drone but due to its 20MP camera result, it may not be suitable for you if you want to use it for professional photography.

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travel drone Yuneec Breeze

Famous for being a lightweight travel drone, Yuneec Breeze may be your go-to option if you are a traveler that spends days on the road. It can be easily fitted into your backpack as it only weighs around 3 pounds. Apart from it being lightweight, this travel drone is user friendly as well and can be used easily. It has a 13 MP built-in camera and also a 4K Ultra HD video which can assist you in capturing high-quality stuff.

The only thing which might not be the best is its range which is just 100m and hovers time which is quite limited. 

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One of the best travel drones for you if you want a high-quality camera to capturing professional stuff. The drone has got a 20MP camera with video sensors of H.264 4K. 

In addition, the range and flying time are also pretty good. You can fly it for around 30 minutes with a range of 5KM. Even though it has got good features and is one of the best for photography, it might be quite bulky which may create problems when carrying it.  

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If you are a beginner and want to learn how to fly a drone, DJI Phantom 3 pro would be the best travel drone for you. This is because it has got the beginner mode option which would help you to learn how to fly a drone properly.

It has also a 12MP camera and UHD 4K video which will help you capture some great photos and videos. 

If we talk about its range, it can fly up to almost 5KM and has a flying time of 23 minutes. Though it is a good travel drone at a reasonable price, it may be quite bulky which can as a result make it difficult to carry for a long distance. 

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GoPro Karma

It is a travel drone especially for adventurers and people who love to do hiking, as it is lightweight and compact, and you can carry it easily. You may have to attach the GoPro camera with this drone to capture high-quality stuff. The drone has a stabilizer system and other good features as well. It has a range of 1KM with a flying time of around 20 minutes. You will also get a controller with a high-quality touch display. 

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 Autel Robotics X-Star

If you are scared that a battery failure might happen and the drone falls down, then to get rid of your worry, this travel drone has got a safety mode when the battery is low. Moreover, the drone features a 12MP camera and 4K ultra HD video. It has got a range of around 1.9KM and a flying time of 25 minutes. The good thing is that it has also has the beginner modes option for the newbies. 

It is a well-rounded drone at a reasonable price but is quite heavy – which might not be ideal for travelers who want to travel a long distance. 

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Ehang Ghostdrone 2.0 VR

It is light and easy to use, as you can control it with your smart-phone, and this will eventually make it easy for you to carry this travel drone on long distances. It has got a 12MP camera and 4K HD video.

The range it can go up to is 1KM with a flying time of 25 minutes. It is relatively cheap to buy, but bear in mind that it does not possess a lot of features. 

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Travel drone DJI MAVIC MINI features

As its name suggests, it is a mini and compact drone, which is perfect for travelers. It has got a 12MP camera and 2.7K video assisting in capturing good photos and videos. It can fly up to the range of 4KM with a flying time of around 30 minutes. 

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 Parrot AR 2.0 review

This drone is around 0.9 pounds and is great for travelers carrying their drones in their backpack. It can record quality video in 720HD providing great results. However, keep in mind that its flying time is just 10 minutes, which is basically a bit less compared to others.

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FORCE 1 F100

Force 1 F100 travel drone review

A pocket-friendly travel drone with fewer features, but super easy to use. It also allows a GoPro camera and video to be attached for greater results. Furthermore, it can fly up to a range of 500m and has a flying time of 15 minutes. However, keep in mind that it is a bit heavy!

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Micro Drone 3.0 travel drone review

Micro, as its name suggests, is a travel drone that is the smallest among all. It can be carried really easily in your backpack and would not weigh much either. It has features such as live streaming video and a 720HD video camera. The flying range of this drone is about 300 feet. 

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DJI Spark travel drone review

The travel drone beginners would love to try this drone as it is easy to use and you can learn a lot from flying it. The range at which it can fly the most is 2KM and it can fly for 15 minutes max. If we talk about its camera, it is 12MP which is not bad, but also not very good.

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Potensic D80 review

It provides great features if you consider its price, thus it could be said that it is the best value travel drone. It has got a good flying range with a flying time of around 15 minutes. The video resolution of this drone is 1080p. The weight of the drone is 3.9 pounds so it is very convenient for someone that wanders around constantly.

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DJI MAVIC AIR travel drone review

This travel drone has a camera of 12MP and a video of 4K. The drone has a flying range of 2.1 miles and a flying time of around 21 minutes. Note that it is one of the best for travelers who are looking for a lightweight drone.

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SNAPTAIN A15H Foldable travel drone review

This one is a really lightweight travel drone, which won’t be a burden to travelers during their trips. It offers a video of 720p and has a flying time of around 7 to 8 minutes. Therefore, it does deserve being on our list!

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Final Thoughts

Making videos or photos from an aerial point of view is becoming increasingly common between travel enthusiasts. And well, you can’t say that’s bad because it definitely shows the destinations from a whole new angle. Hopefully, this guide of 15 best travel drones has helped you to decide which one suits your needs the best.

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However, if you want to learn more about travel photography and start earning with that then I would suggest you have a read at my other article that covers that topic in specific. On the other hand, if you are more interested in drone photography and videography then I will leave you this guide here. It will teach you how to fly a drone properly even if you are a total beginner. Cheers!

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