Monaco is the world’s second-smallest country – it is even smaller than Central Park in New York. It is located in western Europe on French Riviera. However, regardless of its size, it is one of the most luxurious countries in the work. Luckily, there are still free things to do in Monaco and here you will learn which.

Panoramic view of Monaco
Panoramic view of Monaco

In fact, there are a number of things you can do in Monaco. However, you may come across the problem of identifying the right places for you to visit and the things you should do while there.

So looking at the circumstances, I have compiled a list of top 10 free things to do in Monaco. I will give the details about the places and the things that are free in Monaco and you can enjoy those things without any cost to incur. So let’s not stretch this much and jump right into my list of top 10 free things to do in Monaco!

Get Some Tan on Larvotto Beach

Larvotto Beach in Monaco

Perhaps one of the best free things to do in Monaco is visiting the beautiful Larvotto Beach. Larvotto Beach is a public beach located in the close vicinity of the famous Princess Grace Rose garden. You can spend some of your time here swimming or jet skiing. This beach is also the perfect place for you to relax and sunbathe.

This beach is usually crowded like the rest of the beaches in Monaco. Larvotto Beach does have a private area where they allow you to hire loungers and parasols from the beach club. In addition to this, if you are a swimmer, you can bathe without carrying about any sorts of unfortunate events to occur such as getting stung by a jellyfish. Overall, you can not get such an amazing experience and that too with no cost.

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Enter the Main Lobby of Monte Carlo Casino


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Visiting Monte Carlo Casino which is officially known as Casino de Monte Carlo, is one of the free things to do in Monaco. It is one of the most prominent casinos in the world! This amazing looking Casino was built in 1893.

The interesting thing to know about this place is that it is said to have been the setting for the novel Casino Royale, featuring James Bond. Moreover, it is not necessary for you to spend your money here.

You can simply visit the place, have a look at the beautiful surroundings, meet new people and there is also a chance that you may see a famous celebrity here, take pictures of sports cars and do various other stuff. You can enter the main lobby for free and enjoy your time there. It’s actually exactly what I did when I was in Monte-Carlo, you don’t have to play!

Attend the Changing of the Guard Ritual 

Change of Guards in Monaco
Change of Guards in Monaco

Another free thing to do in Monaco is to attend the traditional ritual of changing of the guard. It is one of the best things you can witness and is also a whole new experience. You can visit the Prince’s Palace at around 11:55 a.m. This is the time when the tradition of changing the guards takes place.

Moreover, apart from this, you can also witness the beautiful scenery, amazing historical architecture, and buildings that were built hundreds of years ago. Therefore, if you want to see the changing of white dressed guards who are there for the protection of the royal family and the palace, you must not miss out on this free event when you visit Monaco.

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Make a Picnic In Saint-Martin Gardens

Saint-Martin Gardens Free things to do in Monaco
Saint-Martin Gardens in Monaco

Saint-Martins Gardens is a great place to visit and that’s why it is included in our list of free things to do in Monaco. You can enjoy every bit while you visit and take around the gardens. Moreover, if you are planning to do a picnic, Saint Martins Garden is the ideal place for you.

The garden is filled with beautiful trees that provide shade and you can also find benches to sit on. Not just that, but the fresh feeling you get when visiting Saint-Martin Gardens is phenomenal and is a really good experience.




Along with that, you will also see sculptures and beautiful flowers. Not just that, but when you walk around the gardens, you will also see a bronze statue of Prince Alert I. As this place has no entry fee, then why not avail this opportunity?

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Admire Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Monaco 

Saint Nicholas Cathedral free entry
Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Monaco

Visiting Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Monaco is free for everyone, even the tourists. It is said to be the resting place of many members of the Grimaldi Family. Moreover, this cathedral has another interesting thing as well as it is made up of white stone which is quite amazing to see.

The Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Monaco was built hundreds of years ago and its structure is also very old but if you visit the cathedral inside, you will witness that there is an altarpiece that is said to be painted by an artist almost 500 years ago.

Relax in the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden in Monaco
Japanese Garden in Monaco

Visiting this amazing place called the Japanese Gardens located in Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco, is in our list of free things to do in Monaco. If you are traveling in Monaco for a long time now and want to find peace, you can get it here.

Visiting this place will give you a soothing experience and a break from the fast life. Moreover, the beautiful scenery you will see around is fabulous. To relax, this is one of the best places in Monaco.

Go Shopping From Le Metropole Shopping Centre

Le Metropole Shopping Centre
Le Metropole Shopping Centre in Monaco

Another free thing to do in Monaco is to visit the Le Metropole Shopping Centre. You can find amazingly fashionable clothes in case you want to buy them. However, keep in mind that they might be kind of expensive. Otherwise, there is no other cost for visiting the shopping center which still counts as a free place, right?

Moreover, apart from the shopping opportunities, you also get to rest there with its cool surroundings and if you are someone who is active on social media, you get the chance to capture amazing photographs. What’s more, if you want to become a travel photographer and start earning money from that then I recommend you to have a look at this article. It will guide you throughout the process.

Walk Around Monaco’s Old Town

Old Town in Monaco
Monaco’s Old Town

Walking around Old Town is a free thing to do in Monaco. The Old Town is located on the hills and you can see the Prince’s palace here as well. Walking and wandering around the Old Town will help you meet new people, visit various places, witness the best attractions, and much more.

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Enjoy Walking on the Sculpture Path

Sculpture Path
Sculpture Path in Monaco

Most people around the world pay and spend money to enjoy a museum full of sculptures. However, in Monaco that is one of the few free things you can do. There are lots of sculptures placed all over Monaco. What’s more, in Fontvieille District, there is a so-called “Sculpture Path” where you can see the collection of eye-catching sculptures and other monuments.

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Getting an opportunity to enjoy a large number of sculptures and that too at the same time, in the same place is quite rare. So if you travel to Monaco, do not forget to visit the Sculpture Path!

Visit Princess Grace Rose Garden

Princess Grace Rose Garden
Princess Grace Rose Garden

Located in the Fontvieille district as well, Princess Grace Rose Garden was created in the memory of Princess Grace who was the wife of Prince Rainier III. It is a great place to visit as this garden is filled with rose bushes and flowers. If you want to read more about the story of Princess Grace Kelly who used to be a Hollywood actress prior to her marriage with Prince Rainier III – check out this interesting article. 

Moreover, if you want you can visit this place at any time of the year and there will be no entry fee as well. Make sure to take some pictures and capture those memories forever!

Final Thoughts 

I hope you liked our list of top 10 free things to do in Monaco. Monaco is a great place to visit and is historical as well. Moreover, you can also learn about their culture and tradition and enjoy these amazing places as I did while being there. If you want to learn more about it before you go then have a look at these fun facts about Monaco that truly amazed me!

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Considering that Paris is super close to Monaco, I would recommend you to visit it as well. Here you can learn about how to act as if you were born and raised in Paris. Have fun!