Have you ever been so bored that you even started thinking about what it would be like if zodiac signs were countries? Well, I have. And here is what I came up with:

Aries would be the United States

Just think about the traits of the United States and the traits of Aries – aren’t they pretty much the same?! They both are energetic, turbulent, dynamic and most importantly – competitive. We all know how the United States like to be the first in everything, just like any person who was born under Aries.

Taurus would be the United Emirates

This one is expected, isn’t it? Is there a person in this world who can’t get what the United Emirates and Taurus have in common? Probably no… But just in case, here we go: their passionate desire for luxury. Taurus people would give anything they have to live a life as luxurious as the life in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Gemini would be Russia

Gemini represents two different personalities in one so none ever could be sure which one they will face and that’s literally the definition of Russia. In a moment it could be cold, cruel and sassy, in other, it could be friendly, protective and fun… Who can ever get Russia, right?!

Cancer would be Italy

Hm… This one is very easy. Just think about it! Cancers are known for being romantic, traditional and sensitive and those are the three words which also perfectly describe Italy – the country of romance, emotion and eternity.

Leo would be Germany

Leos are known to be self-centered, but also on the flip side, they are loving and always ready to help. In other words, they are born leaders – just like Germany.

Virgo would be Japan

Virgos are sweet and shy, however, their strongest virtue is their impeccable ‘attention to detail’. In their world, nothing is left in the hands of the chance, just like Japan – where perfection does exist.

Libra would be Switzerland

Libra represents balance and balance couldn’t be done if you are not a good diplomat. And if there is a country in the world which is super balanced and highly diplomatic then that’s Switzerland – where, between the other things, people like to keep the high balance of their bank accounts ?

Scorpio would be the Netherlands

We all know where this is coming from, don’t we? ? Yup! Scorpios are wild, dynamic and free. Just like the Netherlands!

Sagittarius would be Brazil

Sagittarius is energetic, tactless, lively, adventurous…. And of course, there is a country who simply has it all too – Brazil!

Capricorn would be France

Palace of Versailles. 2017

When one mentions France, there are three words that always come to my mind: elegance, determination, and ambition. Just like Capricorns who are nothing less than super classy, determined and highly ambitious.

Aquarius would be North Korea

We constantly hear about North Korea and their moody leader and from their actions, we can easily come to the conclusion that North Korea is cynical, unpredictable and strong-willed. And if we use those three keywords in astrology, they could easily lead us to one word: Aquarius.

Pisces would be Canada

Pisces indeed are dreamers, but there are other words that could easily describe them too…. They are friendly, compassionate and generous. And Canada is exactly like that too!